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I might trade signed Dave Gahan CD for recent signed Radiohead / Thom Yorke book. Anyone interested?

I got 2. Both available for $ or trade. Interested in what people have for trades. Like rock/metal 80s current

Hey Mark!  Not sure I have much you would be interested in trading but I am willing to purchase it from you if interested. Let me know...very serious here.

Ho Mark, sent you a friend request about trade


All trades, sales and the like must be kept to Private Messages until the B/S/T is sorted. There are no transactions in this this Forum.

Thank you.

On this note, im going to add people as friends for the future. Im not interested in trading this time but would love to be ready for a possibility down the road. I want to follow all rules. Dont be afraid to add me as well. Even if not about trades. Ill chat about graphs or anything. It took me a minute  on my phone to figure out how to add friends.. send me a message and a box will pop up saying to add as a friend 1st

On a total side note. I saw DM for the Delta Machine tour. One time was in my home town of Toronto. The 2nd time was a week later, I went to Michigan to see them. I was on a party bus headed to the show where some winners were on the bus. They won a meet and greet with DM. They brought records to sign. I was so excited for them. (I do meet and greets with u2 regularly). 

They left and came back. Dave’s people said, the band isn’t going to sign anything. 

and they were super tight about pictures. No cellphones allowed in the meet and greet. Only one group picture (30 people) and the photograph was emailed to the participants.

All of this to say, it appears to be hard to get Dave’s autograph.  

Has anyone who ordered this got shipping confirmation yet? Newbury is usually pretty good about either shipping when they are supposed to or if not, sending out a notice about a delay and I have seen neither. getting nervous but too afraid to write them to ask lol

Nope nothing yet

Their site has been down all night. Its a possibility that whatever changes they are making affects their system for shipping.  Maybe this was planned and are holding off shipping anything until a new system is in place.. lol its a bit of a reach but ill give them a few more days b4 I start to give this more thought. My last order from them took 5 days before they shipped and it was an in stock item

Yeah, this is why I asked, for some reason every time I get impatient and ask about an order I get a shipping confirmation the same day and it happened again as I just got the tracking number from Newbury. whew lol

Haha, I love this hobby



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