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Just got shipping notification on my order

DhL just tried to deliver mine but i wasnt in, if it comes tomorrow and nobody else has posted a pic of the autograph ill post one

Mine is out for delivery today 

Mine too. I'm annoyed that I didn't try and snag 2 as this would have been an amazing gift for a few huge DM fan friends of mine. But i caught it when the extra 20 got released after the initial sellout and I just rushed through checkout as fast as I've ever done anything lol.

Mine just showed up. Couldn't be happier with it, but I really wish Newbury would ship things safer. Card was just on top of cd loose in the shipping envelope.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Mine showed up but missing the signed card :(. Anybody else have this issue?

Just a heads up for UK buyers delivery is by Hermes they left mine on a garden table in next doors back garden and took a photo of it there as proof of delivery luckily i recognised the garden in the photo and went round for it ,keep an eye on tracking 


Thanks, i grabbed the 2nd one i wished i grabbed last time for a friend.

47 left now.




THANK YOU @Marshall Slayton

autographed card with LP version still available



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