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Their timing is off, I just got the update from TikTok that they have 5 copies available. I looked but they are not there now, it must be an automated timed message while the copies already got scooped up by vigilant collectors like Patrick :)

Ha! This is the first time I've ever lucked out on a purchase like that! My son and father and I went on a road trip to Austin to see the Stones last weekend and listened to The Storyteller on the drive.  We are all huge Dave Grohl fans and loved the book.  This is going to make his Christmas!

I've noticed this weird bookplate on a lot of copies for sale recently.. Is this legit?? 

Yes, this is the aforementioned UK bookplate (from Blackwell’s etc.)

Ah many thanks, cheers 

I wouldn't say weird. I rather like it.  I ordered another copy of it from Blackwell's because of the bookplate.



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