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I Just missed the re-stock but B&N Just put some more online 7 minutes ago - so worth checking back!!

I was there 10-15 mins ago and they were already gone, couldn’t have added many :(

The idea though that both BN and BM have these books on sale and they restock from.time to time shows that this will have plenty of supply. Also factor in.that many Independent bookstores will get signed copies of this book. He actually signs alot 

If it was that short, I don’t think it is a restock but just to make up for cancellations.  I am sure they buyers of 5 or 10 at a time thought about the potential widespread availability driving down prices and cancelled.  Should still be available Black  Friday if you go at opening.  

Prices probably wont go down

I also can't foresee the prices dropping down much below $100 for such a big name unless the publisher releases tons more signed copies. I just called HarperCollins customer service and they said the number of signed copies that B&N is getting for Black Friday is extremely limited.

It happens all the time with the B&N black Friday books.  Markets going to be flooded with his book. 

This is all so terribly depressing from down south in Ozzie land.  Our differing hours make it impossible to snatch a copy when they become available and there is no chance of getting to the US book stores.  I will have to buy off market and hope that the gouging on the pricing isn't too high so I too can have an authentic piece from an awesome muso.  That's my whinge over.   

Well done to everyone that managed to get a copy though.   

Although I don't live outside of the U.S. I know what you mean. If they didn't limit it to 10 books a person, everyone could probably get one.

Dead right.  I saw on a FB page for autograph seekers that someone picked up 30 copies. 

That is true, as far as I remember there was no limit to purchase on Black Friday, but you better be quick or you are going to get death stares from fellow shoppers, and nasty comments may be thrown at you.  I never saw that many copies of any one title on B&N BF and I was there before it opened both times. All fair in love and profit, I guess. 

At the last BN Black Friday. the store I went to only got three signed copies of the Natalie Portman book. I bought all three and yes I did get those death ray stares LOL



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