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Months of messages I didn’t need until now!! Buzzing

Ace showing out of stock but have ordered 2 we shall see 

Kevin, I can't thank you enough! Like the others, I've received 40 pages worth of messages via email notification from this thread in the hope that there'd eventually be a UK option. So glad we've got one, awesome!

Turns out it was (hopefully) worth the wait and impatient checking of emails all along. As others have said, Blackwells are excellent and very reliable too. 

I am in the UK and have 3, depends how much you want one I suppose?!? 

That’s a cardboard in person haha


Blackwells order just received. Thanks for posting this on here!

At last, thanks! :)

Thanks so much. I’ve just ordered one it says out of stock but expected later in the month so fingers crossed. Thanks again 

missed it... again :(

Ordered 2 while it possibly sold out. Would have it gone through if it sold out? Should I expect an email stating that my order got cancelled? The email confirmation doesn’t Say a quantity, just the price 

Maybe you hit a rare glitch? My order confirmation emails from Blackwells have always stated a quantity. It's rare to place an order at exactly the time a product sells out, so I wouldn't be able to help you.

You can contact the store, but I found that when you do some stores are quick to cancel because they think it's better to give you a clear definitive answer rather than a we-dont-know.

I'd just wait it out as long as you've got no other options. When they start to ship and you don't hear anything there's plenty of time to contact them.



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