Eric (and other Bowie watchers with a good eye), what do you make of this signed edition of Pin Ups?

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Here's one of his earlier attempts - again awful, but it sold for big bucks

Nice thread MarkG

Let's see if these older style (fake) sigs make more appearances on the open market.

This might be a good thread to gather and post such information

Hello All, Mark, Shawn, Nick...

The appearance of the "reproduction" signed covers with odd placement due to leaving out "the harder words" as Mark noted, reminded me of this rather poorly forged item on the right below, also copied from a well known genuine LP. There was/is a "strange" 1973 LP sleeve recently with doubled lines under the date - gotta find a scan. 

Click for full image:

excellent addition Eric :)

Nice one Eric!

You mean this absolute right handed shocker which would have been the only time Bowie ever dated a sig in 1973...currently on eBay as we speak:

Hi Mark,

Yes! That's the one. I can't find my scan and did not want to go wading into eBay after 12 midnight ;) I do not like that one at all! It seems that seller has a penchant for some bad Bowie's. I saw one of his close for $92.50 or some such! Something hideous signed in acid yellow or gold...this:

I am seeing two Bowie's with Roger Epperson's COAs that are claimed to be fake.  Hopefully Roger will weigh in here


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