Hello everyone,

I will be very pleased if you give me your views for this David Bowie autograph. 

Thank you for time to everyone who will reply :-)

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Well, it was very rare. Very valuable. I found it in my exemplars from years ago. A very early transitional signature on a very scarce photo by Ron Scherle (SP?) I think. Just wait...one should come... ;)

That happens all the time and it burns me. Although I believe this same seller was offering a Paul & Linda McCartney autographs and it disappeared as well. Not sure, but they may have been removed by eBay. I can't remember but, if a seller ends an auction early, doesn't it still stay viewable with a reason for it being ended? The McCartneys just disappeared in thin air. Without having the actual item number I can't look it up.

I really regret flagging it up now...just goes to show when you try and help someone out. The link has gone completely meaning someone made the seller a high offer and he ended the sale early - probably with the reason of "error in the original listing". 

Yes, but if you are "watching" something it still shows up on your watch list as "no longer available"; doesn't it? I was watching the Macca and it just disappeared. Without the actual item number I can't search for it.

The last thing I saw that someone overbid me on 60 pounds, then it disappeared and link is not working (even from my ebay when I put a bid). I never saw this before so I am thinking to ask ebay what happened. 

If you have the actual item number you can look it up in advanced search.

Unfortunately I do not have. In email is just a description about my bid, but not an item number.

Here are mine:

Anything dated 1980 and earlier is extremely rare. This is 1976 - the promotional photo is perhaps 4 months before.

And a double weight promotional portrait by Greg Gorman:

so has anyone got a picture of what this bowie looked like. I hate it when that happens

Yes, I have.

Another example:

Guys please, can you look at this one for me yet? What do you think about? 

I would say more about it but I do not want to influence you. Thank you.



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