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Forgery and really poor.

I must ask, how are you selecting these to post? You have posted genuine, awful and absurd. I suggest again making use of the site I and Mark contribute to - run by Andy -

No question is a dumb question. When in doubt, ask.

I agree Eric

You pointed me to the Bowie studies and I never looked back

This one is definitely absurd. Although it does have a psychedelic 3-D roller coaster effect to it which is kinda cool hahaa

Eric I use a smartphone and sometimes the Pc de site you gave me it is great but not working good with my smartphone is to slow.

When I see a bowie's signature and I have doubts I post it here.

If you think is it not right what im doing do not answer me and remember I did not make the forgerie. I can understand that a bowies forgery hurts but it is plenty of them in internet and sometimes i do not know what is real or fake.

Do not be angry with me, its a great place here I am not good with autos like others.

Sorry and Thanks

NO NO, I am not angry or anything. I was wondering why your selections were so varied. Please continue :) 

Im confused sometimes dear experts, for that I ask it here, thanks and I hope with the time I will be better about this incredible world of Autographs.

This is not real for sure. You can see the path of fix - this was signed by right-handed person.

Do not worry and continue. :-)




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