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Well, I guess that is Jonathan Rys Myers from Velvet Goldmine.

The angle and placement are not quite right/wrong, the "B" is of unusual length, shape and construction, the vertical stroke, although made at the correct time, is considerably lower than the date and also less than halfway up the "B", mostly on the lower half. Curves seem odd, relationships between the the major movements are off,and the negative spaces do not contain the expected volumes. There appears much hesitance/shakiness. Some of the additional marks are oddly placed or formed. Can't see the "8" well enough. Pretty clever apart from wrong artist. The paragraph seems bit high alongside the vertical in the "B" as well.

Edit - "paraph" not "paragraph"

Right all the way, Eric! Yes, it's not David Bowie, it's Myers. Did you click for the largest image of the close-up of the autograph?

You mean all those starts and stops?


This is machine signed, probably with a plotter. There's virtually no variation in pressure or speed. No trailing at the end of a stroke.

Look at the fine ribbing of stops and starts, especially at angles and as strokes curve.

Hi Steve,

I saw that in negative - I thought it looked mechanical. A lot of ink too.Why not use a genuine Bowie signature to start?

The fraudsters often don't know what's real and what's fake. Keep in mind, too, that they often make little variations to the autograph so every one doesn't look identical.



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