Looking for opinions from a real Bowie fan, it looks like this autograph is at the davidbowieautograph.com and now it's being sold. Thanks you anyone who replies. 

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Typically atypical for this period. Not for me, but genuine. Bowie was extremely busy in 1995-1997/98 and his signatures vary from a full beautiful signature with both apostrophes to the unusual abbreviated IP, from angular to oddly smooth and bubbly and with the occasional extra loop like a 1991 - and much in between. Who is selling it where and for how much?

It’s on ebay , from a seller in Slovenia. Starting bid 250.00

I am going to advise a measure of caution. My spidey-sense is weak, but working. Recheck with Andy and MarkG. Only $250 opening for signed vinyl single when even a more common ISOLAR card goes for considerably more ($485?); coming from Slovenia, no returns (FWIW) and free shipping. It could just be I do not like this graph and its presentation. Odd angle, odd placement, odd paraph, single apostrophe (OK in this context), atypical "B" in several ways with the not-unknown extra loop...sorry I can't help more - caution is always a good idea.

One other thing that is important. MarkG and I both contribute to davidbowieautograph.com and I know I have not seen this in hand, I don't think Mark has and I don't know if Andy has. But nothing can replace an in hand examination. Something to bear in mind.

Eric this one is definitely on davidbowieautograph.com It does have it's inconsistencies and is a rather ugly example in my opinion but it's real. It's now at $265 with 5 days + left.

I know it is at Andy's wonderful site - I did read the auction. Many of my own are there as exemplars. I know this 45 is in Marks exemplar file as of 1.2 years ago because he shared it with me. In general, just because something is on a website it is not automatically real. Look at the "Facts" for Gleason - half secretarial/forgery in my opinion. In this case, I was pointing out that I have not seen this in hand, and that the others probably have not. I also noted its oddities - such things can raise eyebrows and keep prices lower. 1997 is also among the most common years with much variation which may also have some impact. I said it was "typically atypical but genuinel" and then advised caution (always a good idea to me) - I never said it wan't authentic - just unusual. You just called it "ugly" so I believe you see my point. 

Sorry Eric I didnt mean to piss you off! i must have misread your post. I wasnt suggesting that just because it's on a website it automatically means it's real. Of course Andy's site is the internet go to when it comes to Bowie's autographs and I know you have contributed a lot to it. Those of us that are non-experts refer to it constantly to help identify new finds. I agree with all your points. I have seen a few examples of this rushed bent to the right kinda style and although not very pretty it's a good one to go after if you're on a budget

Agree with Eric here. It is ugly and atypical but I personally totally believe it is genuine. This is confirmed by the date numerals too. I believe its value to be about $400 US.

The numerals are definitely a give away. I've been studying Bowie's autograph for two years now but wouldnt know a thing if it wasnt for you and Eric and Andy's website! This wouldnt be one to get if a buyer wanted one Bowie for their collection. But i think it's a cool one to add to a Bowie collection

+1 re numerals. You did not P### me off VonHammer -  :) I am very pleased to try and help you and anyone else. Tone and such is rather hard to convey/read in online chats so don't worry there - either of us. And I am under stress as well. Likely my fault. Sorry. No problems here my friend :)

E :)

I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it at the moment. That sucks and I hope things resolve themselves asap. You're so right when it comes to trying to interpret tone of messages. Always a tough one. I truly appreciate our online friendship and again I hope things get better for you soon



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