OK I know, he's not a singer. But I find him rock'n'roll!

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Mine from Premiere:

Yeah, I got mine in as well, it's much heavier and nicer than I was expecting, a steal for the $15 Cyber Monday price. 

Right, it’s much nicer than I thought too.

Wish I had waited until cyber Monday lol, I only got it at 20% off a week or so before…oh well, lesson for next year 

Yeah, Cyber Monday was Crazy, on one of my orders the subtotal was $323 and after the discounts, I paid $29.07 for 16 books lol, 

Lol, that’s awesome. I did get some of the cyber Monday deals but didn’t fare that well! :)

yeah, most of mine were the children's books that I wasn't that interested in but they came out to $1.86 each including shipping so I couldn't pass on them lol, I'll tell which one surprised me though was Proverbs for Young People Signed by: Jack E. Levin & Mark R. Levin, just a children's book but it was in a nice leather collectors box and hard to believe they were selling it for less than $2

Yeah, that’s crazy to get a nice boxed edition for so cheap.

Still don’t know if that whole deal was a glitch or what. Probably not but seems like they would have promoted it outright if trying to move some copies. 

it seems like it would be a glitch but I'm pretty sure I bought a bunch super cheap like this a few years ago on one of these sales, they probably need to clear out stuff that's not selling at the end of the year, plus they probably know that people will also buy the higher dollar stuff along with these, which I definitely did lol

Does anyone know if the B&N ones are autopen or real? If they are real I will pick one up since they are half off today.

Yeah, I saw that and thought about it but it seems like someone on here posted that B&N had different Autopen versions but that they were Autopen so I passed, 

The only real ones I've seen came from premiere collectibles and were on a bookplate. All others have been autopened

Yeah i thought that's what i heard so i passed



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