Just was contacted today that my David Gilmour signature was rendered "Not Likely Genuine" by PSA Quick Opinion. Needless to say, my buyer is irate. I've had this one for awhile with no one questioning this signature. Am I missing something?

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PSA got it wrong

I agree obviously but my buyer is an unhappy camper. Which is never a good thing!

Tell him to contact me through my site if he is concerned about authenticity.

Back then PSA also told me that my Autograph should be likely not genuine.
Even though it is Authenticated by JSA and I know that it was really signed by the person.
So do not immediately believe that it is not real. 

I do not believe it's not genuine although I am dealing with a novice buyer who is freaking out. All I can do is allow them to return the item. I guess I'm just shell shocked by PSA's opinion and having to deal with the fall out. 

Didn't PSA green light a stamped signature the other day?

Just wondering out loud if PSA seeing a Floyd Authentic COA played a role in the QO? Would a large company get that petty?

Well, this buyer gave me a negative "not authentic" feedback on eBay and they haven't even received the darn thing yet. Offered them a full refund upon return to me. All based on a PSA quick opinion. Geez....

Sad situation but... 

This item is 100% authentic and hopefully Corey can ease the buyers troubles 

Thank-you, Andrew. Sometimes people put too much confidence in a quick opinion. I've seen it work both ways though. All we can do is our best.

Hell, I’ll buy it!!! Fantastic piece and psa is horrible... Especially at quick opinions. 

Thanks, Michael. I may take you up on that! Too bad we no longer have a buy, sell, trade group here.



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