Just was contacted today that my David Gilmour signature was rendered "Not Likely Genuine" by PSA Quick Opinion. Needless to say, my buyer is irate. I've had this one for awhile with no one questioning this signature. Am I missing something?

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+1 It seems ridiculous to ask for. 

Too bad PSA doesn’t grade in person submissions as hard as they do the quick opinions. Maybe then the hobby wouldn’t be permanently stuck with all the forgeries they have been stickering. Standards for the big three TPAs has dropped huge as they compete with one another for the chance to land the high volume EBAY dealers. Many of them with bad stuff.

I think the big TPA services are overwhelmed. It's logically impossible to know every signature of every genre of signers. Their go to staff is not the same as it was a number of years ago and it takes an experienced set of eyes to do the job effectively. That will be their eventual downfall. The hobby needs to evolve with the times. Authenticators who specialize in specific genres have an opportunity to grow  but it takes time to get their name recognized in a crowded field. Not an easy task for sure.

"...That will be their eventual downfall..."

And what then will all those stickers be worth? ;)

Comical how much stock people put into those nonsense companies. Even experience collectors. Problem is so many collections are loaded with these stickers and if they ever got the reputation they deserve all those collections would be loaded with worthless forgeries.

PSA is goofy. Sometimes they say likely to pass, then the item fails. Unlikely to pass, then passes. Depends on whose looking at the computer that day.

I agree. I had Bickett do the same thing to me. Passed quick opinion and failed full authentication. I think their quick opinion service is just a fast buck operation. It makes them look bad and does more harm than good.

I do want to add it was on a different autograph. Not this Gilmour.


Well, it looks like my buyer is returning David to me. At least it's not because they think it's a fake. Buyer's remorse I assume. Anyway, if someone has an interest in my Gilmour message me. It does come with a Floyd Authentic LOA.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this discussion.

This is the strangest thread! 

The space man recommends Floyd authentic's . Who are Floyd authentics other authenticators?

Steve c, is recommending his mate Epperson!

We have Beckette in the mix, psa,dna ,jsa .

All fighting for 15 dollars for

 quick opinion + coa .  How many of these guys come under the racc umbrella?

There's dealers in the game who own tpa, companies. 

If you buy off them they will offer want coa , you want. They dont give a hoothoot  as long as they make a sale.


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