Hi, opinions, Do you think is it good? Thank you in advance

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Here is an example of  his 2002 signature. Click for full image:

Nice item. Thanks Eric for your knowledge.

You are welcome James. :)

Do you think the next one is good? Thx

Yes, absolutely. If you want another opinion there is Corey at floydauthentic.com. For 10$ he will render an opinion.

Here is mine:

Very nice, but please keep this sort of thing private. No buying/selling or trading in this Forum. The proper B/S/T Forum will hopefully be up soon. Thank you.

Sorry Eric not been on here for a while 

Not a problem Alan. Perhaps you could pull it down and write James directly.

I have know idea how to pull it down ? Help

I did it for you. The little blue "x" at the upper right of a post will delete that post. Thank you Alan.


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