I recently bought this for $2,000.00 -- comes with exact video proof of Gilmour signing in LA last year.  Do you think I paid about the right price?  Shame that Rick's gone as the piece will never be fully complete and I don't think I'd add Mason to this (if the chance ever came up).

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Hey Tim - there’s always hope! Care to share a pic? I’d love to see.

Not sure why people think this is/was overpaid for. Try to find another one out there. There are just so few classic Floyd albums with both Waters and Gilmour. It’s a good buy for sure at 2k

This is a great point.

Just think how long those 2 didn't play together until the Farm Aid single concert and then never played again after that. 

These are nice sigs on one of their best LP's made.

Congratulations! What a wonderful piece. Worth the price for sure.

Ok sorry for bumping an old post - but it happens that I do have a chance to add Nick to this - would you guys do it?  I’m seeing him tomorrow. 

Seems it would be your best chance of adding him. Ive read he has signed in some cities and not in others. If there's a big crowd you might get the shorter graph but hopefully when he sees the other two he would make it a nice one.That would make it an even greater peice!

Meeting Nick in about 10 min!  Super nervous 

WISH IT WAS...HERE! Congratulations!!!

Wow, that turned out really nice.

It really did! Nice placement and balanced with a good drawing.

I asked for the drawing since I’d never get Rick and I gave him one of the original badges from my 1965 Mustang and he said it would look great on his Ferrari lol



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