I recently bought this for $2,000.00 -- comes with exact video proof of Gilmour signing in LA last year.  Do you think I paid about the right price?  Shame that Rick's gone as the piece will never be fully complete and I don't think I'd add Mason to this (if the chance ever came up).

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Saw you bought this on RACC. Little expensive, but that's never stopped me either if its something I really want! Congratulations and put it in a nice frame!

Yeah -- I leapt at it because he has video proof of the exact album being signed and I know how tough Gilmour is -- how much do you think I overpaid?  I paid 2k.

Its reasonably unique, not that many out there. I like it and don't think its too far out of line. I know the guy was asking 2500. So its not that bad!

I agree with Ian.

I, too, a few times have overpaid for something I wanted to own and cherish.

As long as you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

Never hurts to overpay for quality. Often pays later.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s a great piece. I’d love to own that. Price is always tricky, and relative. Relative to your financial circumstances, relative to current fair market value, relative to future estimated value. I don’t agree that you should just pay whatever it takes to buy something you think is cool. That’s just foolish. But is it reasonable to pay full value or even a slight premium for a rare piece that’s very likely to appreciate over time? Certainly yes for a great item, and this is a great item. I’d feel good about this acquisition. Congrats.
Lovely item Andrew. I also purchased, and in the vast majority of peoples eyes, overpaid for my WYWH, but its a top album (their best imho) and its the one I wanted, so was happy to pay the tag. Like has been said - if its something you want and you are ok with the price then be happy and enjoy it!
As a matter of interest why wouldn't you add Mason given the chance? I'm not saying its a good or bad idea l'm just interested in the logic
Hey Nate - I guess two reasons, the first probably making more sense lol. First, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep if I sent it on consignment and I have no idea how I’d personally get Nick unless he comes to the US or Canada and, even if he did, I’d have no idea where to find him. Second reason is that I’ve always been obsessed with Rogers lyrics and David’s guitar playing - without those two working with and against each other there would be no PF, for me.

Here's a good many people have exact video proof on their David Gilmour autographed Pink Floyd piece proving that it's real?  I'm willing to bet a lot don't even have Gimour, let alone on a Pink Floyd LP.  He's super tough.  Worth every penny of that $2k.  Congratulations.  Incredible piece!

Well it is worth the money as the seller found a buyer. If it's overpayed even with video proof? In my opinion yes. Gilmour is hard to get but not impossible and Waters is right now one of the easiest signatures in music business. But for me it all comes together with Wright missing so it will never be completet and if trying to sell it will probably never hit that high amount of money. But it is just my opinion. I am surprised anyway when I see the prices that been asked on this forum for signatures, often 2-3 times higher then regular.

I’m not arguing that I might have overpaid, but I def don’t think 2-3 times.

Roger may be easy now, but he’s 74, and this is probably his last major tour.

David, imho, is pretty much impossible now.
I have this album signed by all except David.. and am accepting the fact I probably never will. good buy.



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