David gilmour sighed High Hopes Vinyl from eaby now, i donot like about 'g i'. If this is not real,I  think this a very good forgery. What do you think?

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Great job Eric. All These preprints are all coming from the same seller

one more piece, Signed A4 Song sheet Comfortably Numb .

I don't like it for several reasons. See what Seamus says. That Waters? 

yes,eric,  i agree .  waters no way to be real.   but about gilmour ,its looks better than many forgery that posted in there before.

I find the whole form, flow and movement of the Gilmour to be way off from the genuine article. 

Bad forgeries. It is very rare to find an authentic Gilmour on anything other than official pieces

Its my new collection ,i hope its real Mr David gilmour sighed.

It strikes me as a slight bit odd in 2-3 places. It may well be good - I am overtly cautious with this signer. Seamus will know more as will Mr. Epperson. 

Here is one of mine  - 2002 promo DVD:

yes,about pink floyd. Seamus well known as Mr epperson.  He helped me many times. thanks all your help... yours dvd really nice!!

cool item, eric!  vintage sighed with tape cassette

Both the inscription and signature are from Gilmour. Authentic imo



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