Hi there,

   I love David Jason and grew up watching Only Fools And Horses so really want this one to be good. What do you think good or not good?

Thanks !

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It was an eBay purchase from a UK seller...

i have seen many forgery's and can't say that to the one '' a rosenberg '' posted and it doesn't bother me the signature is neat because that's what you want as a collector. i wasn't there when jason signed that photo and he is not signing exactly the same every time but who knows who is right. it is just a opinion from both of us and i respect yours...

100% agree with you and fully respect your opinion as well and it's good we can agree and disagree on things, we all keep learning. He has signed neatly before and it does make a huge difference to the appearance.

One thing I will say about his signature that many current forgers fail on is the size of the signature, usually always far too small compared to the one you just posted and the one I did earleir.

it's not always that obvious to recognize a forgery but did not have to search for a long time to get this one. hope you understand what i'am trying to say ''no doubts here''.

I do understand and yes, many items being sold are good. I am attaching one which I think is one of the worst I've seen - it sold on eBay Uk for 25 pounds

Attachments: No photo uploads here

maybe it's wrong to do but could not stop laughing ''david and nicholas must be very drunk at that time''...

Same, it was so bad I was laughing too and could not believe anyone purchased it without seeing they are both very bad. Thankfully, the seller after selling 8 or 9 of these has now closed their account after many negative feedbacks and some buyers are stuck with expensive junk.

I would rate that one as one of the worst I've seen of David Jason, it is as if you could not sign that badly even when drunk

there are other methods to get that high to reach that level of scratching that bad...think we have to stop this and go on with other discussions. i was just loving this one because it was related to ofah... best from rob.

No worries, good talking to you or lovely jubbly as Del Boy says! Always good to talk with a fellow fan! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



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