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Who would forge a Davy Jones autograph? Does it have any tangible value on a piece of paper, as basically a cut, and not even a picture. He signs through all of his fan clubs, the Monkees fan clubs and god knows where else, I would imagine that after more than 50 years of signing, like Bob Feller and Pete Rose, there's more than enough supply to provide ample signatures if every man, woman, and child in America woke up tomorrow singing "Last Train to Clarksville" and had to have a Davy Jones signature. Point is, I can't imagine someone forging a Davy Jones cut.

Just looking for authenticity opinions. Thanks for that, though.
And you do know he passed away in 2012, right?

I didn't know that. I thought he was immortal. Most of those Leprechaun-sized wee-folk are. Saves wear and tear on their hearts, they can function perfectly with a blood pressure of 40/20 at about 10 beats per minute, God bless them. Didn't Mickey Rooney and Billy Barty both live to see 200th birthdays? 8)

All celebrities are prone to being forged to some extent. Smaller names on lesser items have been forged aplenty over the years. Easier to get away with since there will be less scrutiny.

Like the guy that forged $1 bills for 50 years, just mixing in a few with real ones to but a few sundries on Sundays. Aim small, miss small, right?

Any actual opinions on authenticity are greatly welcomed :) 

It's him, in my estimation. It's in the zone. it's my belief that most of the reputable authenticators will COA it. Took awhile, but we finally got there, right? 8)




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