In one fan-facebook group, there is offered 24 Carat Gold vinyl album.... I would like to know what´s your opinion about this LP?

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To be honest - IG´s autograph is the one which is hardest to differ between fakes and authentic - it´s truth that his in-person autograps can be very rushed and then very different to his typical signature. Roger Glover´s autograph is the one which is crucial point! :)

this looks like the work of the guy on e bay UK again whos so cheap he buys lps for 50p then fakes signatures on the vinyl, the inner sleeve and main sleeve and sells all three seperately regularly getting around £30 a go 

I wouldn't even bother as the autos are so faded that its only a matter of time before they are gone! I can't say yes or no on the autos but if I'd be looking for something condition and obviously authenticity are the top two things I or anyone should look at/for!

The print or artwork is really sweet above.


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