Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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Thanks! Got one

Sold out

Keep missing it!

Bad News for anyone who ordered from.the French website

Thank you for ordering the Def Leppard “Diamond Star Halos” Double Vinyl + Autographed Lithograph from our store.  Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we did not finally receive the signed lithographs.  Please fill out this form specifying if you prefer to receive the standard double vinyl without lithograph or if you wish a cancellation and a refund of your order.  We are sincerely sorry for this delay in response beyond our control and for the inconvenience caused.  Thanking you for your 

Well thats just brilliant between the french and the chumps at talkshop live i got not a single signed item 

That's because you're a full time flipper!

Thats it i knew there was a reason for it 

Same here, Recordstore cancelled my CD order and the French site my vinyl. 

Recordstore sent mine minus Joe Elliotts signature 

Maybe you can get 80% of what you normally would on eBay!

Doubt it 50% at best 

Universal Music in Germany, just cancelled my 1 autographed album that I gutted :(

They wrote "The item is not available".

I guess you don't really "have" it until you actually have it in your hands.


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