Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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That's because you're a full time flipper!

Thats it i knew there was a reason for it 

Same here, Recordstore cancelled my CD order and the French site my vinyl. 

Recordstore sent mine minus Joe Elliotts signature 

Maybe you can get 80% of what you normally would on eBay!

Doubt it 50% at best 

Universal Music in Germany, just cancelled my 1 autographed album that I gutted :(

They wrote "The item is not available".

I guess you don't really "have" it until you actually have it in your hands.

The only consolation is if you have to buy from e bay you can choose a nice one i resorted to buying a cd from e bay in the US but got a nice silver sharpie set cost me around £75 all in but it was perfect im not so sure i would have got such a nice one direct from the store it would probably have been smudged or damaged like so many were so im taking that positive from it   

"it would probably have been smudged or damaged like so many were so im taking that positive from it " - yep, all good points you make FTFlip, Or perhaps I would have got one that excluded Joe Elliott like what happened to you. Or I could have got one of the Red ones (better than nothing though). I guess I'll just have to go with you can't win them all, and Def Lep is not meant to be in my collection.

Hey FTFlip, this is very very disappointing and NOT a cool move from the Def Lep camp.

Germany Universal Music just cancelled my 1 auto LP order today, and simply stated

"item not available"...then why did it show that 1 was left, accept my order, and then when I checked back it was sold out again...I figured I got the last one. Not cool.

I hope yours does work out for you FTFlip...fingers crossed.

Go e bay and choose yourself a nice one 

Bob, I just got the same Bad News and I ordered from Universal Music Germany :(



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