Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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mine arrived without issues

Good to hear, way to go David, you're soooo lucky!

Thank you got lucky I guess.

Bob, I just got the same Bad News and I ordered from Universal Music Germany :(

Thank you for your order.
Unfortunately the item "Def Leppard; Diamond Star Halos; Standard 2LP + Signed Litho"" you ordered is not available.
We therefore have to adjust your order and cancel the item contained in it.
If you have only ordered this item, the order will be completely canceled and we will refund any amount already paid.
If you have other items in your order, we will deliver them as soon as possible. Any amount already paid for the above item will be refunded to you.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Kind regards
Your Universal Music Service team

The French store (which is part of Universal France) is not responding to any request to refund the money. But they do send out standard responses/ warnings that they are going to send the unsigned vinyl if you don't cancel. Sigh. Either deliver or refund, it's not that complicated. Why do they have to make it so hard? 

Talk about a "BAIT AND SWITCH", sorry to hear Jor-El. Seems the French store is pulling the same bad news as the Germany store did ...



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