Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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Figured that and personally enjoy your sense of humor. Doesn't take a lot to set it off on here!

Like it's free game. If someone actually wants 20 and there's no limit can't blame them. 

Yeah thats true.. can't fault the buyer if they are just taking advantage.. but I thought Talkshoplive was supposed to limit these. Very strange if they didn't. 

I think with the KISS Destroyer ones they initially had no limit, then they retroactively limited them.  So they cut down orders over a certain amount. So my guess is that if you ordered more than a couple you should be prepared that they may cut back the amount of the order. And if they don't, then be happy about it.

Hopefully all yours get cancelled and 20 actual fans are able to get them

If there is no limit, there is no limit. I purchased several and it isn't my problem if someone like you is too slow 

Quite rude 

It is rude but don't fault him for being vocal about this. There are countless other lurkers who have done the same. You will never hear from them. Derek is bringing attention a problem. Our fight is not with buyers.. resellers have taken over. Our fight is with retailers now. They need to impose limits. Otherwise someone out there will buy up a ton.. retailers limited the sale of toilet paper during the pandemic. It can be done.. talkshoplive has acknowledged this, yet hasn't done anything about it.. its possible musicians management teams want resellers to buy them up. It causes fans to be upset and creat a buzz. Everyone will start fighting over their memoribilia and the actual band gets off scott free with free publicity.. its a theory..

Fair point 

Obviously your the slow one and can't  read right I picked up one I could've picked up several but I chose not too because I'm a collector and a fan of def leopard I'm more then happy with one I have a real  job so I don't need to make money by buying and flipping cds and don't have the time to sit and wait for stuff to pop up all day.

That’s why some like Luke Combs had a strict one per person to buy his new album with signature, and even though there a few on eBay selling at crazy prices, most went to his fans and didn’t sell out in 20 minutes because of that policy. I woke up my best friend at 1am (call, email, text) so he could get one too. I think two per person is plenty but hey if there’s no limit then if the flippers get them, well then they get them. We can be Kyle’s and Karen’s on here but instead I’m just happy I got one. And we all knew well in advance it the Def Leppard signed inserts was coming up.  In fact we knew the time as well.  So if you missed out it’s a shame but it’s not like we didn’t have warning.  

Well said. And they usually hold back some for the actual broadcast. So everyone on here has fair warning. This same exact thing happened with the Kiss cd's. I didn't get any the first 2 pre-drops they did but was able to get one the day of the broadcast easily.



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