Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil... The Art of Starting Over Limited Edition Signed CD

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I know it's a minor quibble (especially because they didn't end up being autopens which was the real worry), but I wish they'd at least make the artcards the same size as a standard CD booklet. I didn't realize until mine arrived today that they'd be smaller.

I assume the Nick Jonas artcards were the same way, but I didn't buy any of those.

Nah. that's not common really. I think the only one I've ordered in recent years who's signed art cards notably smaller than the CD booklet size has been Ava Max.

The Demi ones are about 102mm square. I just checked and the Selena Gomez ones were ~120mm wide (same size as a standard booklet).

I'm also mixed on whether I like the signed portion being sealed inside (and not visible from the outside). On the one hand, it might offer better protection during shipping/handling, but on the other side, the only way to actually see the condition of the signed part (check for autopens, quality, etc.) is to open the sealed case. I think I'm just too picky for this collecting musician-direct game.

This is what my art card looks like! I got two but haven't opened the other one yet.

That is what the back looks like ;-)

Is the art card smaller or same size as the C’s booklet for those who received and opened?

The Greek, I am not sure what you mean by C's booklet but it is smaller than the standard CD booklet, about the same size as the Nick Jonas art card.

It's nowhere near the size as Nick Jonas. I just got mine. It's such a stupid size art card... I don't like it!

but it looks nice in the cd case

Price of bundle reduced to £8.99 on UK store for 48 hours if anyone is interested.

CD, cassette and signed art card.



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