Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil... The Art of Starting Over Limited Edition Signed CD

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Isnt this like the 3rd signed offer from her in recent years?  I know the one a few years ago was autopen, but the last ones were good.   Good luck everyone

yea I'm not gonna lie but even though I posted this I didn't buy one, partially because I was still bitter about the previous Autopens I got from her, but mostly because I spent so much lately, I also have heard her last couple of releases were real, with as crazy as I saw everyone going on Twitter about them last night I would be a little concerned that they still have not sold out by the next morning but she has had plenty of time to sign them they could be Ok

Shame they're not doing vinyls or this.  It's a nice cover image

The above post is not by me. How can there be two people with the same user name?

Big possible is in the sizes of JK letters

The names you see on posts aren't "usernames" in the traditional sense. They're more "names of users." For example, your actual user ID is "3b1kktjquyhxw," while the other person is "2h39dj0wpbyr9." I don't know if this is just how Ning works, or if it was a decision by the admins.

Somewhere on here there is a user who posts under "M" (no period) as well that joined later than me.

Thx for the explanation.

Still seems odd.  Lots of room for confusion, or worse. 

I've grown a bit gun-shy of anything associated with UMG and Scooter. Plus, like Christina said, Demi still hasn't signed the vinyl from over a year ago.

These sell as many items as possible, and then "fulfill-them-as-you-please" releases made sense before October, but not now. It's a little alarming that these are still available 15+ hours in because in order to count for first week sales, they'd need to be shipped that week (meaning she would need to have these all signed by next week sometime at the absolute latest).

I'm with you on being weary of UMG and Scooter and definitely think they should have sold out by now, I just get the feeling that with the new rules, these companies are going to perfect ways to deceive us and we'll never know, they tried when they did multiple versions of autopen but that didn't work so who's to say they don't have the artist sign a thousand, then program the computer to print each signature in order and no 2 would probably be gotten together so we would never know, I quit questioning the Taylor Swift ones because so many came to her defense but I still wonder about that, an artist with 88 million Twitter followers selling $13 signed CDs for several weeks during the holidays and then factor in the resellers that were buying tons at a time and it is possible that she could have sold a million signed copies or not far from it, and if that's the case she would have had to sign 5000 a day for 200 days which doesn't seem likely or even possible. 

I believe the actual count was closer to 100,000. Insane but not impossible. 

I don't know obviously but that number seems very low, we were talking about Gaga selling that many and at nearly twice the price and not during Christmas, but if that is the number then yes that would probably be possible. 

Remember that Halsey did a 24 hr sale on a number of items, and her final count was somewhere around 40,000. Lorde likewise did one a few years ago, and her count was in the 8-10 K range.



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