Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil... The Art of Starting Over Limited Edition Signed CD

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that's my point, if Halsey did 40,000 in 24 hours then I find it hard to believe that probably the biggest pop star in the world only did 100,000 in several weeks on $13 signed CDs, but honestly, I like metal and don't know much about pop so I'm probably wrong lol 

Well, a few possibilities here. Worldwide shipping was limited - most of the CDs sold were domestic US shipments. Also, the longer this went on and the more sales she had, the clearer it was that this item was not going to be particularly rare or (monetarily) valuable. Most fans had plenty of opportunity to get what they wanted at a low price.

Also consider the general demographic for her fanbase. She appeals a bit more to the selfie generation, a generation that's usage of handwriting is decidedly lesser than the preceeding ones. While there's no debate that Taylor is right at the top, the truth is that not every young fan out there is interested in autographs. I went to a Bebe Rexha meet and greet a few years back. While she's not quite at the level Taylor is at, she's definitely popular and successful in her own right while also attracting a Gen Z crowd. I was the last person to talk to her at her private meet and greet, which followed a longer larger general M&G. I asked her if anyone other than me asked her to sign anything. She though for a sec, then said "Hmm, no."

yea I don't know how it all works and was just going by my perception and if only 1% of her Twitter followers bought one that would be 880,000 so I thought a million was possible. I use Twitter now to determine how popular one is or when these things go on sale I see how much buzz there is, not sure if that is really the best way to tell or not but the only way I can since I don't listen to pop. my real point was that I don't expect these companies to stop thinking of ways to fool us and I think with technology they could and we would never know. 

I did the math when machine gun Kelly posted a video of him signing, and I think they said he sold 13-14,000 signed covers if my math was right it would have taken about 9 hrs total to do that many. So long as they spread it out over a couple weeks assuming the celebs are too pampered to sign for a full 8 hr work day it wouldn't be too hard to do 100,000... But with most celebs being pampered babies and the past reputation of these companies I don't put anything past them. I think Demi's last signed ones were real but not the previous ones before that. So I guess we'll see. 

Also I don't know why any resellers would buy these you can get her last ones on eBay for pretty much the same price they originally sold for... I missed them and got one on eBay for pretty cheap. I think most young fans of pop stars would rather have selfies than autographs anymore so there's probably not an insane demand and they sell a ton of them. So they don't seem to have a great resale market since a lot of fans would buy direct as well. 

Check her instagram if you haven't already.

Doesn't look like autoprint to me I picked one up

Yes just reminds me of the posts of both Beiber and Grande signing the stuck with u ones which were almost entirely autopen, but the fact that they still haven't sold out more than 36 hours later doesn't give me confidence but we just have to wait and see, I've been proven wrong a couple of times lately so hopefully she's just putting the time in. 

Demi's been teasing these for a few weeks now, but until she posted the story, I wasn't sure if it was this album because the artwork was so different.

Before anyone gets too excited, these are going to be artcards and not booklets again like Selena's. Also, the other two big artists repped by Scooter both posted authentically signed copies on their social media, only to later deliver [mostly] autopens. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Yup, there's been quite a few to post themselves signing a few of them, then the rest are auto pen or fakes... Beiber, Cardi B, Lana Del Rey, etc... So we'll still have to wait and see, but at least that's a big stack. 

Well, it looks like they're currently sold out... according to Twitter this happened at least an hour ago. I wasn't paying close attention, did they sell out before and then restock? People were talking about a restock, but never noticed they were sold out in the first place.

Don't know if they restocked them then because I just checked and it doesn't say sold out.  I checked off and on the last couple of days and never saw it sold out, if it did then it was restocked it pretty quick.

Yup, I definitely saw it was sold-out when I posted (and like I said, others had said it was sold out before), but like you said, it appears to be back (scary). So this is at least the 2nd restock.

(image credit: DemiTeamTR on Twitter)

This definitely makes me more nervous. I was estimating ~500 units per hour, so now we'd be around 20,000 sold which is a ton.



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