Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil... The Art of Starting Over Limited Edition Signed CD

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Thanks, Chris! It looks like it is UK Only!

All this UK only for you guys, and US only for us across the water is so frustrating isn’t it?! I just don’t get it. Why don’t they just charge the appropriate postage and let the buyer make their choice?

It is mainly due to shipping costs! If I am able to buy from Amazon UK, they charge more than the item's worth to ship to the USA :-( I thankfully have a mate in the UK that I can send items to but I (try to) do that sparingly as to not make him go to the post for me so often!

Shipping from a singer's web store is usually half of the item's cost/worth so I have been trying to purchase items that way.

To your point, yes, I don't understand why a fair amount of items are strictly UK ONLY! :-/ :-/

This is absolutely ridiculous. She's had the time to sign what must've been about a billion artcards for this album (they were on sale forever in the US store, and they had a huge sale to clear them out of the UK store), and now an additional 1000 UK Exclusive posters, and yet she still won't sign the vinyls.

Thirteen months is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for any preorder.

Yeah, they should just refund us for the signed vinyl!! You should try contacting customer service about it to see what they say!

Since the art cards seemed to be legit according to posts and her Instagram Story, I caved and purchased the signed posters too!! Having them sent to my friend in the UK since it was STRICTLY UK ONLY!! I even had to use my UK IP browser to make my purchase to be sure everything went well. Here is what the order looked like. The CD's (yay for having more green covers, LOL) arrive first then the posters hopefully in the beginning of May! 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Roughly 21.95 United States Dollars for two signed posters and 2 CD's!

Signed by a pan pen!

Has anybody who ordered as part of the 48hour signed artcard bundles sale (UK exclusive - the failed attempt to get the album to #1) actually received their signed art card yet or heard anything?

I just remembered this update email we got saying they'd ship before tomorrow but that's starting to sound unlikely. 

Still not heard anything/received this signed art card.

Is anyone else in the same position? 

They sent the following update back on May 4th, but we're now past their previous expected date:

I was told they would ship before June 30. I dont even get updates. Sold the rest of the bundle as I have no real interest in her music. Farcical now!

Literally just returned the CD for a refund as I now take it that they are unable to fulfill the order which included a signed poster. I got the ‘by 30th June’ email too. Give up with some people!



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