Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil... The Art of Starting Over Limited Edition Signed CD

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I only bought one and was thinking about another but keep backing out, I was just thinking it's kind of funny that I almost spent my money on Demi Lovato but held off and was rewarded the next morning with the option of David Gilmour instead lol

I guess there was a re-stock because at 12:45 AM PST you could still buy it! o.O 

just saw they added UK only Cds and bundles with the signed art card

This does not bode well, they've been restocked yet again. Perhaps they needed to temporarily pause sales because they'd worn out the bearings on their autopen machine and they had to be replaced.

Demi posted that she was signing something in February, and then about a week later said she was almost done. This doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot because we don't know when she started, but she really only showed a bin of a few hundred signed artcards, not thousands. For comparison, when she was signing the "I Love Me" slips, she showed two large cases of them (thousands or tens of thousands) and it took months for her to sign them all (started in May, still signing in July).

Selena's were relatively limited this year (at least compared to last year's Rare), and she said she'd been signing them for a month. I know, I know, we'll just have to wait to see how this one turns out, but it's driving me nuts (I can't decide whether to cancel this order, or even the old sign vinyl one).

Does anyone know if UMG refunds the shipping when you return stuff? I know in the past they kept the fee for the digital components (which this doesn't have), but I can't remember if the shipping was refunded. Assuming many of these end up being autopenned, I'm curious to see if they use the same pattern as before.

I suspect canceling this will be like pulling teeth.

I canceled my order there was no problem

Yeah, I cancelled mine too. That's probably the most efficient and quickest UMG has ever handled a cancellation request for me. I'm just not in the mood for rolling the dice on her. If it ends up real (I'm thinking unlikely), it's not like I'm going to be devastated

You can get her last real signed CD on eBay for not much more than it costed originally anyway, so I'm sure these won't be any different with as many as they sold. Prob smart to just cancel and buy once the resellers realize they can't make anything off them and try dumping them on eBay. 

Her last "album" was actually a single and it was a 24 hour sale for $4.  This is why people are reselling for $25. The last real album released was the autopen fiasco.

I missed the last real ones she did, and got a lot of 4 for less than $30 awhile back, tax and shipping included... Which is probably better than ordering direct and wondering if I'll get auto pen and if so wasting money, time and effort on a return.

Not sure if they originally charged tax or shipping on the $4 ones, so I don't know if they were exactly $4 plus tax and shipping... but I definitely didn't pay close to $25 for one... I might have paid $5-6 each before tax and shipping on eBay... yeah, people are asking that for them, but if you wait for a better deal its pretty easy to get for close to the original cost...

I'm sure after eBay/PayPal taking 13% in fees, shipping cost, time to package and take to the post office, printing labels, etc.... Whoever I bought them from didn't make much profit, if any. 

There's some on eBay sold listings right now that went cheap, one went for $5 and even a Beckett authenticated that sold for $20.99... They had to have lost money after paying for authentication... And that's now, after the major supply has dried up. After the majority sell, the prices usually go up, unless the supply outweighs the demand... EBay will be flooded with hundreds or thousands of these once they ship. Guarantee some people will panic and just want to get their money back out of them... Happens with all these that oversell that I've paid attention to. 

So I guess its a gamble either way... You might pay a bit more on eBay than originally but I haven't had trouble getting stuff that they sold a lot of for pretty close to original cost... I'd say its probably smart to wait and let someone else deal with the hassle of returning them if they're fake, and if not, buy one on eBay for maybe slightly more than the original price if you really want one. 

I think their policy says they'll take like $6.99 fee out for shipping if you use their label for a return (or you have to pay return shipping out of pocket), if it's the same company that I returned some stuff to, hard to keep track anymore I've gotten so many fake ones. Still have a lot of them... But I think when I did send them back they didn't take the shipping cost out. So it's probably kind of a your mileage may vary thing... And I believe the full amount was refunded, minus any digital stuff. 

Well I'm at least hopeful on this one now. I haven't seen anything from the US store yet, but I've seen 11 examples from the UK store and haven't spotted anything that screams fake.



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