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I picked this up and some others in a local auction.  The bid was low, so I too a chance.  Any help with authentication would be greatly appreciated.  I will add the fourth image in a second post.  Kirby

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IMG_3853.JPG   This is the DeNiro Auto.

Those Pacinos really aren't good and the De Niro looks secretarial. Not familiar with Cagney 

The Cagney is atypical.

The Robert De Niro autograph and the two Al Pacino autographs are all atypical.  I suspect that they all originated from the same seller.

What do you mean when you say "atypical"?

The autographs contain characteristics that are unusual for both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.  I would not be interested in adding any of them to my collection.  Did they all originate from the same seller?

Yes they did.  They were in a local auction.  I only paid $10 each for them.  The auctioneer said the original were avid collectors and traveled to collect autographs from many celebrities.  

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