Denny McLain selling personal collection.......Very Disturbing includes forgeries!

Former Tigers pitcher, Denny McLain, is selling a bunch of his personal sports memorabilia collection through an estate company.  The sale is supposed to be from his home.  There has been a few articles in the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press over the past week or so.  There is another article today with a few pictures of available items, and both are forgeries.  The first is a Ted Williams 8x10 in a frame and a little below is an 8x10 of Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams.  They are the typical forgeries we have been discussing for years.  The estate company is called Aaron’s Estate Sales and they lead you to believe that these are items that McLain has collected himself over the course of his career.  You know that 99.99% of the buyers are not going to question anything considering what they believe to be indisputable provenance.  

I contacted the writer of the article and he wants to talk to me about this.  I also contacted the estate company, but no response.

Here is a link to the article where you can see the two items I am referring to:

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The Ted Williams pictured is fake.

Sure is.

It should be noted that McLain and Williams despised each other. Williams did not want McLain on the Senators and McLain tried to get him fired as manager. Little chance Denny would have been able to get an autograph from the Splendid Splinter in person.

Another sad chapter in a life which started with so much potential.

I was not aware of his history with Williams.

Yes, the Senators traded for McLain and Williams, who was the manager at the time, was not happy. He did not like McLain. And McLain became a part of the "Underminer's Club" with other team mates who wanted Williams fired. It was not a good situation.

I can definitely see that.  McLain liked to fly in his own plane, while he piloted, to the games.  He played the organ during the games, etc. while with the Tigers.

I spoke with the writer of the article from the Detroit Free Press and we talked for about an hour.  He wrote a new article that came out today alerting people to the fact that the two items I mentioned were fake, but also to do your homework and be aware that everything you see may not be legitimate.  I, of course, referred him to our site and he mentioned it in his article.



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