Hi Guys- Any opinions on the following Devo Freedom Of Choice band-signed LP? Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated. -Syren

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I believe this is authentic

Thanks for weighing in Robert- I appreciate it.

No problem, I took a second look and yes it's still authentic.

I was told it was obtained at a Devo show on January 12th 2012 at The Fillmore in San Francisco. There's a backstage pass for this show attached to the back of the LP. I had a choice between this LP and their 2nd LP- Duty Now For The Future, the one with the cartoonish barcode art on the cover. I chose Freedom Of Choice because it was in better condition and the signatures weren't obscured like they were by the other LP's chaotic graphic art. On second thought, I wish I had bought both. Still looking for a signed copy of their first LP Q: Are We Not Men A: We Are Devo, with that great retro art of a typical 1950's male golfer. I've seen a few I think are authentic but I'm holding out for one that features Alan Meyers' signature instead of replacement Josh Freese's. Thanks again.



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