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Disney Authenticated Memorabilia: Greta Garbo Signed Photo - Real Or Fake?

      Hi- I recently came across (and passed on) an eBay listing for a "signed" photo of screen legend Greta Garbo that was being sold by someone who claimed to be a Head Talent Scout & Event Coordinator for "Disneyland Attractions". His description for this listing read, in part:

      "Greta Garbo signed photo matte non glossy cardboard type photo 8 X 9 inches signed 1988 outside the Lunt Fontaine theater, NYC. This Greta Garbo signed photo was gotten straight out of the Disneyland Attractions "vault" warehouse and comes with a COA. Both the COA and the autographed photo have Disneyland stamps on the back to prevent duplication. 100% authentic and guaranteed for the lifetime that you own the item."


As a collector of vintage Hollywood memorabilia, I recognized this as a great opportunity to acquire one of the rarest of autographs, as Garbo's famous online declaration "I want to be alone!" (a misquote of the original line that has nonetheless been repeatedly quoted as if accurate, but I digress...) seemed to reflect her private sentiment as well, choosing to live her later life in relative obscurity. I've always been aware that her signature was indeed exceedingly rare.

      So my inquiry is two-fold here. First, I'd like to know what any knowledgeable collector(s) think of the likelihood that the signature is authentic. Secondly, I'd like to know if anyone has knowledge or an opinion regarding the seller of this signed photo.

      I'm aware of Disney World Co. and the formerly related SIG's (good) and Starabilias (bad) but I've been unable to find anything concrete on this particular Seller. His business card states "Downtown Disney" (Anaheim, Ca.) but he's residing in Boca Raton, Fla.? I guess if he's truly a Disney Associate his position might call for him to be bi-coastal, working with Disney World in Orlando, Fla., but Orlando is still 194 miles and nearly 3 hours from Boca Raton. Either way, that's QUITE a commute!

      Has anyone ever seen a Disney COA that looks like this (Mickey stamp on the verso, et al)? BTW- I ultimately passed on this for the following reasons:

1. No verifiable info on this Seller's reputation. His business card lists a website of www.DisneylandAttractions.com, which brings up a minimalist page with brief descriptions of Disney attractions and links to discount travel packages. Nothing here confirms any ACTUAL Disney-related partnership that I can ascertain.

2. While the signature appears similar to accepted exemplars, I was unable to find a single example with the Inscription "Love" before the signature (seems out of character for the very serious and reserved actress).

3. Typo in the business card text ("Downtow Disney"?) would seem unlikely to be acceptable by Disney Corporation standards.

      You'd think that Disney would have shut this guy's website down if he was misrepresenting himself as a Disney entity, right? Still, I passed on my gut instinct alone. I just hope I didn't pass up the chance of a lifetime here. Photos of the autograph in question, as well as the accompanying COA and Seller's business card, can be seen below. The very last photo is a PSA DNA authenticated example of Garbo's signature on a personal check, included here for comparison purposes. Your thoughts please...    Thank in advance. -Syren

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I'm reporting auctions with his COA on Ebay. 

Side note, I noticed the number of times he's changed his ID.

Most helpful.

Hey....is this the same guy



I was looking at this item Stanley Kubrick Autograph

I was a little skeptical as I never heard of the grading service.  I looked on Ebay to see who is selling items graded from that place....seem like they all listed from same guy

Ebay Account

I cant see  any previous accounts he had, or his name or what he purchased.  My concern is he buys items (like the comic book) forges the signature.  Then authenticates them and sells on Ebay.


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