Hi, this might seem like a really weird, but I’m a avid big The Doors fan and collector, and I was wondering out of curiosity- should I get some my The Doors era adverts authenticated if I was to sell them? because look at this picture, it’s a advert for one of their first concerts in 1966 and their second last concert in 1970 (I am only 26 by the way so these are way older than I lol) :) I might have a little issue trying prove a background like who had them before me and where they exactly come from as I usually bought advert lots in lot off eBay :) so should I get some of these authenticated ? do they really need to be authenicated ? I know having legitimate authenticity might help prove its real but What should I say or Who should I talk to? as I’ve got about over 50 from The Doors era itself :) sorry :( 

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but it still doesn't pay to get it certified because u cant.theres no certification for his stuff that reconized

and why would u pay 25$ per itiem to  certify something worth 20$

+1. Authentication of Doors newspaper ads is a new one to me. I have a few that were thrown in for free with concert tickets, but the only ones I've purchased are in newspapers or magazines that have been left intact.

I wasn't making a case to authenticate them. In fact, the opposite. But, I have seen people clip and sell matted ads, etc. and do quite well. Although the value individually is not high, small dollars add up. People use them to decorate their game rooms. Not necessarily a collectible category though.

I can completely understand from where you're all coming from, so I'm not going really take a side sorry :) I agree with Joe W for saying- each piece has its little value and could add up :) but as John says- why pay for the ads to be authenticated and it going cost around same price :) so it is all understandable but without sounding mean (it's not my nature so please don't think bad of me)- what happens if you can't find a poster or one was never printed for the concert? how will it be documented? and how many honestly would of think to have kept the newspaper / magazine article and think that it's going to be maybe worth something later on and not throw it away? not many I think :) and I know eBay isn't really reliable price guide but I've seen some new age articles that have sold for about $10 or about $2 each plus what ever the delivery is, so it does all add up :) but where is the market value? why pay for something and their is not much history to it? and wouldn't most newspapers / magazines have been destroyed, unless you knew and seen the future and thought yeh that is going be worth something but prices changed over the time :) so we are in a win win loose looze situation, to some you can't put a price on the things you love and you can't put a price on something you don't know if it will be valuable in years to come :) sorry :( and one more thing- I'm no expert like ballroomdays67 (mark) but in my 12 years of my The Doors collecting (I know others been around much longer than I) but I've notice The Doors is underated as they have so much material they could release for the pubic but they don't and keep us in suspense and only way to get something like a bootleg or a recording is find someone that has it that will send it to you or finding a bootleg CD or cassette but tha n it's all hard trying to analyse it and there are so much tech gero out there that pay attention to their recordings and know of it sped up or down or which generation etc :) *sigh* so anyway thank you very much everyone and sorry to be a hassle, keep up the good work, LOVE YOU MADLY lol 




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