Hey guys

I`m asking if you trust Beckett on non Sports autographs. Or are they as bad as JSA?

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I know that when Steve Grad was affiliated with Beckett, I bought two JFK-signed items he authenticated. In fact, when I got ready to sell one of the pieces, I asked the prospective buyer if he wanted the COA (signed by Steve Grad), and he said no, because he knew immediately the JFK piece was authentic. 

Other than Steve Grad, I can't vouch for any of the other authenticators. 

I’m surprised your buyer wouldn’t want the COA since it could only help him if he ever decided to sell the item in the future due to the somewhat unfortunate fact that the TPAs have so much influence in the hobby.

even steve grad makes mistakes. his co-worker patrick shouldn't be even allowed to judge autographs let alone be employed by beckett. he has passed a lot of secretarial and even some auto penned presidential signatures

The hobby is a little fickle there's some excellent authenticators when it comes to The Beatles and The Stones but most of the industry is just a who's in with who crowd and bypass authenticating items. I've tried to consign items to auction before with autographs signed far better than I've seen other ( who have a name for themselves) and mine item gets refused while their item gets in the catalog , both items signed on the same format. So it's just a bit of sad situation if your not blowing smoke. 

I know Grad is good at many things, but I’ve seen his mistakes too.  He has passed several Madonna autographs that are fake.  They seem to be the same style he is passing.  I say they’re fake because it’s a style that has been passed by both PSA and Beckett, but deemed fake by the best Madonna authenticator I’ve ever seen, our own in-house member Kamran.  But I too don’t think Grad is getting that Madonna style right.


They have a 50 % chance in getting it right 

Is it that high?

steve grad couldn't authenticate his own signature.....you dont think grad is getting that  Madonna style right.   steve grad gets nothing right.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that they got this one wrong. 

As for the autographs of music stars, I believe Roger Epperson is the best.

I  have no idea if Epperson is the best and what you say may be true, however I do know that Epperson and grad are two different people and steve grad would take the shine off anything and anybody just being associated with him IMO.  Also,    Epperson being the best as you say, as compared to whom....


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