Doctor Who soundtrack - 10LP boxset signed by Tom Baker (Newbury)

Doctor Who-Soundtrack - Doctor Who: Hornet's Nest 10LP Box Set (Col...

$299.99, currently 40 on-hand, limit 1per (US ship only)

Limited black and yellow colored ten vinyl LP set including singed Tom Baker print. Demon Records presents the unique audio adventure that first instigated Tom Baker's remarkable return to the role of the Doctor. When Captain Mike Yates is reunited with his old friend the Doctor, he finds him besieged by a powerful race of insects intent on global domination.

As the Time Lord recounts his recent adventures across the centuries, it becomes clear that the fate of mankind is in the hands of the Doctor, Mike and the peculiar Mrs Wibbsey.

An exclusive, frameable portrait of the Fourth Doctor - every copy of which has been individually signed by Tom Baker himself - is just one of the treats inside this stunningly designed package.

An impressive, die-cut removable outer sleeve houses a hornet-adorned lidded box, inside which are 10 individual, exquisitely illustrated LP sleeves featuring full cast and credits for each story.

Also included is The Doctor's Journal, a large 16-page full color booklet detailing the Time Lord's notes and illustrations from his battles against the hornets.

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Don't be fooled. Amazon has these for $209 possibly cheaper other places. 1200 available total worldwide

FYI, Amazon US link (1 currently in stock, $208.53)

Doctor Who - Hornets' Nest [Limited Boxset Includes Signed Tom Bake...

$226 shipped and sold by Walmart. Amazon is $265 not going thru 3rd party sellers

Never dealt with them. I havent heard of a lot of the other "retailers" selling these so beware of scams. Deep Discounts, if legit, does have a coupon you may be able to use to bring the price even lower. Personally, if I were to buy this, I would just go with Walmart or Amazon for an easy return process. I know of people who have been able to return open LPs to Walmart before but ymmv.. could depend on the manager working

Good job on research though. I just dont want anyone interested in this to overpay at Newbury 

FYI - DeepDiscount is part of Alliance Ent/ SuperD, 

who are maybe the largest music/movie wholesaler in North America and is also likely fulfilling that Walmart SKU and most others on the WM site.

Is their customer service lacking and suspect? Absolutely, as I've had to hassle them a couple times, but it's eventually turned out ok.  Still based in IL from when they bought it a decade ago, SuperD is based in CA.  


Newbury, on the other hand, is pretty much universally loved here and is one of the most trustworthy sites for signed music items.  Sometimes, they're higher (like the Florence+the Machine CD addition), but I've never doubted their service and integrity, which is often worth supporting/sometimes paying additonal for.  

Great info! Also, you are right about newbury but they have started using tactics lately to over price some items they know will sell.. like the restock of the Staind LPs for $76.. its a little different since its an exclusive item though. They can do whatever they want but in this case, its not exclusive. Im all for trying to find the cheapest price for items that are widely available

Exactly the same box set £159.99 / $195 ($100 cheaper) On UK Amazon ! 


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