Some of you might recall I purchased a John Lennon signed, inscribed, and dated  (and doodled) book a couple of years ago.  It came with a 1999 LOA from self-described Beatles expert Gary Hein.  

Every member here who commented believed the Lennon autograph was authentic.  But I was wondering what anyone knows about Gary Hein and if his LOA would be highly-regarded in the hobby.  

Thanks for your help.

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Gary runs the Beatles 4 me website . So he'd be in step with the other dealers. 

Thanks, Paul.  I appreciate it.

Gary's been around for years....he's ok....

Thanks to you too, Jim!


Awesome!  Thanks, Mark.

I’ve purchased several items from Gary and sold him a couple of items over the years.  I’d give him an A+ rating.

That’s great.  So...if I ever wanted to sell my Lennon book (which I don’t right now), would Gary’s LOA be comparable at all to one from Perry Cox or Frank Caiazzo or Roger Epperson...or PSA or JSA?   Love your handle btw...fab432.

Not wanting to rain on the parade but years ago I had a run-in with Gary; he wanted to purchase a sealed mono Beatles LP from me off eBay for $50. I politely told him "no" and proceeded with the auction - which went considerably higher than $50. While I suppose it's alright to low-ball people, I was puzzled and insulted. Since then, I haven't had much respect for Gary.

I can see both sides.  Gary was hoping to get a great deal for himself which you might say, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”  But from the seller’s perspective, it’s like, “Don’t insult my intelligence!  Seriously.”  It leaves a bad taste.



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