I was just wondering if anyone knew if Dr. John signed.   Curious if it was worth my time waiting after the show.


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 He used to sign years ago. I have no idea now. He would sometimes sketch a piano and write the Nighttripper. I have a few items signed. It might be worth waiting.

Good luck!

Nice piece.  i went to the show last night and he still sounds and plays great!  I got my picture with him, but he wouldn't sign because of his arthritis.  I think that's kinda funny because he played for over 2 hours.  Oh well, maybe we could make a trade!

Just an excuse probably, is he that hard to get IP?

Ive read somewhere that he was an erratic signer (sometimes yes sometimes no).

 Cool picture! He looks like a nite tripper

Maybe a trade would work. Let me see exactly what i have. I know I have  the Gumbo lp signed that is personalized to a family member, the piano key and i might have more. 

Let me know,

Sorry i didn't get back to you sooner-was busy with work and my house. I took a look to see what I have and could only find the signed Gumbo lp and the piano key. The lp is personalized to a family member so it looks like I would have to keep that. I would trade the piano key even though I like it better than the album. What have you got for trade? You must have something I don't? I live in RI -always very strong in the music area with Boston, Ct & Newport close by. They film alot of movies here as well. Let me know what you have


I sent you a friend request so I can pm you.  Do you like sports as well?  I have some music but more sports stuff.  99% of my stuff I got in person.

I got this in person in April 1988.

Very nice.  I wish he would have signed for me.  



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