Just wondering if seeing an autograph that is personalized to someone makes it more authentic?  I would think that a forger would not put a name on a signature knowing it lowers the value........or is that the genius of the forgery?  

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I agree , I would think the forger  wouldnt waste his time  to write a personalization  let alone a inscription

Extra writing in addition to the autograph is not 100% assurance of it being authentic, although the chances are greater.

For example,It´s very common among Elvis forgers to add inscriptions.

Darn, that's exactly what I am worried about.......an Elvis inscription.  :(

Personally I like when there are inscriptions, as there is greater chance to spot forgeries with more written.  I personally study only Michael Jackson autos, and there are some really good forgers out there---but they usually screw up when they add inscriptions.  MJ used capital letters mixed in with lower case when he wrote.  He also had distinct letters that he wrote all in one stroke etc, and those are the types of things that are dead give-aways when a forger attempts them. 

Feel free to post the one your looking at getting (you can crop it down just to the writing so it isn't easily found by another member if your bidding on it and don't' want the competition)  There are some really really good Elvis people on the forum that can help.


The more letters they place on a page, the more opportunity for scrutiny & forgery detection, so most forgers avoid putting more than is necessary. The forgers who think they are great & can fool anyone will often add a inscription to make it seem more authentic, especially if the star's actual handwriting is not that great anyway & relatively easy to fake. I do not trust psa/dna either because I have seen them verify some signatures I call fakes. Simply, you need to obtain 20-30 known genuine examples of a signature you want & study them intensely, then you are well armed to evaluate signature on your own. It's not magic. It is work & attention to detail. You will do a lot better job of it because you are motivated. At psa/dna it is just a job for someone. Become your own expert. That's what I started doing several years ago.

Thanks Jet, great advice



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