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Does someone selling Adolf Hitler autographed photo?I am need it.(no fake)

Hello everyone

Does someone selling  Adolf Hitler autographed photo?If yes.Please contact with me.

But I need 100% really.(fake stay away).

I will offer it to PSA or JSA checking.

Hope your picture and price.Tks


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do you want to sell it?

Thank you!

I will offer the autograph here for sell soon!

Hi Gerald,

I can help you on this. Please, contact me: mac.j@sapo.pt 

Best regards,


you can probably get a Donald Trump autograph for about $300 and its basically the same thing.

You can get a Donald Trump autograph for much cheaper and its basically the same thing.

That got to be one of the dumbest things ever said here at AML...

Come on, didn't you study history in school???

This whole discussion is in poor taste. I don't believe that Hitler autographs are allowed to be sold on this site. Trump the same as Hitler? Really?

One must remember that some people don't collect autographs because they admire the person. So this discussion is not in poor taste.

The Trump/Hitler thing is a troll, politics don't belong on this site.

How much would his sig alone go for ?

On documents, $1500-$2500. Obviously anything with historically significant content goes for much higher.

On photos $4000-$7000 or more

His stuff isn't that rare, but few offer it for sale, and there are TONS of forgeries. I think Hitler might be the most forged out there so you really got to know what you are doing and buy from a good dealer.


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