Does this Clint Eastwood Auto look legit? Thanks to all!!!

Ive asked seller for the COA which is listed as inside the frame. Thanks!

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coa hiding in the frame? can guess the reason because this is not signed by clint. wil post a genuine one from my own collection. click on the autograph to see it closer.

Glad I Checked it out first! I understand a lot of secreterials and his is very hard to truly authenticate! Thank you!


**Removed for Profanity**

Oh wow.... I see it now!!! Good lord 


NEVER use profanity like that on this site. If you do it again you'll be permanently banned.

Steve, of course I won't.

I was merely pointing out what the first name on the "COA" looks like, I did not realize that it was a bannable offense.


This is not even secretarial, it is a pure forgery.

but at least the COA is priceless!

It’s absolutely hilarious!!!! Praying nobody buys this fake piece of crap!!! 

Yep, it is worth more than the photograph!


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