My brother was a DJ, music collector, music salesman and other things throughout his life. He had many opportunities to get authentic autographs of which I have first hand knowledge.  I just went through some of his things (he passed) and I found some Joan Jett cd's that are signed.  I don't remember him getting these but then he lived away for a while and it's the first time I've gone through his things.  He has a few signed that all look similar but not like others I've seen on line.  Can anybody tell me if she signed this way?

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It appears there are similar examples of her signing this way - but I'd continue soliciting opinions here.  Another suggestion is to submit it to professional experts, several of which will review it through email, for a reasonable fee.

Thanks for the help.  I'll do that.  My brother was in a position where he was always getting musician's autographs but I'm just not that familiar with her autograph and had limited places to see samples.  Many thanks for your help and while I will likely go to a professional in the end I just wanted to get some feedback to see if it was even worth my time.

I have the same lp signed IP by her and yours is good same signature and in the same place sorry about your brother but he had good taste in signatures

Thank you for the information and thoughts.  He really did have good taste in signatures.  While Joan Jett isn't one I knew that well pretty much all of the other ones he got were folks I really liked and had more personal knowledge of him obtaining.  Thanks again!

It looks good to me. I've gotten her a few times and it looks very similar.

Sorry to hear about your brother.

Interestingly Autograph COA did an email review and just told me it did not pass.  This is interesting to me as my brother has 9 different CD's of Joan Jett's all with similar signatures.  So either they are wrong about this one or all 9 are fake.  Seems very out of character for my brother to have a fake one much less 9.  I'm not saying they are wrong, I'm just saying it wasn't like him to have fakes much less 9.  I may need to seek a second opinion.

You've got a good consensus here so I'd encourage a second opinion. Your hunch about your brother not having fakes laying around would give me hope, for the same reasons you mention.

And don't be disheartened. While we all do our best to provide accurate opinions of signer's we're most knowledgeable about, occasionally stuff falls through the cracks - and we get it wrong. The fakes are everywhere and show no signs of disappearing.

I might seek a second opinion just to be sure.   The reason I asked in the first place was that it was odd that he had 9 (different) signed cd's all that look alike.  Yet (though I'm not familiar with her signature and wasn't present when he obtained these) they didn't look like what I was seeing online.  I know he was a fan so maybe he got and kept them because he liked her music.  Just seems odd that he kept them since he was so proud of the other autographs (authentic) that he obtained.  Thanks for the kind words!

To me this is the only style I knew with the exception of not closing the big J loop to the next letter in both first and last name, and the first name is fully all letters, re: the one in question.  Here’s a few of mine that were convenient to grab for pics.

Maybe you meant cause she stacked the names and not one line, connected or not.

Most of the ones I've seen online look like yours not mine I"m afraid.

Heres My IP joan jett



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