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I reviewed this item for RR and it is authentic in my opinion. A textbook example without any atypical traits.

If you are looking for more opinions, you may want to try CollectSpace.com. To my knowledge there are few people who post on this site who have any familiarity with cosmonauts.

Thanks Steve, I have a collection of about 20 quite desirable items (Historical Science mainly) but have little understanding of how the whole authentication process works.. If you have the time or inclination I'd love to understand the process more.  cheers, Tony

just curious, do you have legitimate concerns or are you just looking for other opinions?  

Hi Terrior, For this one I was just after some opinion - I have zero experience with Cosmonauts. Thanks. Tony

Here is a very good discussion regarding Yuri Gagarin's autograph: http://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/yuri-gagarin-need-op...

Here is an excellent article on Yuri Gagarin by my good friend, Bob McLeod. Bob has been collecting autographs of astronauts and cosmonauts 40+ years. If there was a Mount Rushmore for space autograph collecting, Bob would be on it.

Thanks Steve !!  I am feeling more informed already...  do you have anything you would be interested in parting with?  Thx Tony

Sorry, Tony, I do not. I am not a dealer.

no problems... thought you might have some unwanted items in your own collection.




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