Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

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It’s real ink, there’s even a smudge on it.. I’ve seen others of this signed album with the same signature (not identical, but signed by the same person). So I’m just hoping it’s her that signed it.

I'm not saying its fake.. this has a lot of good characteristics of a real autograph but I would research more if this were mine. Im not a dolly expert as I've never had a reason to research how she signs over the years but so far, I havent seen an authenticated dolly signature where "Parton" isn't signed slightly lower than "Dolly" maybe a Dolly expert on here can verify this more on. 

Yes please can someone who knows about Dollys signature verify this…? I’m debating whether to return it to not..

Sorry - can't help there. You might start a dedicated Discussion about it. Yours posted here might get lost in the shuffle.

Here is one she signed for me in person mid-90s' at Letterman.  Im no expert on the others, but this one is 100% real.

Looks good to me ! Backwards barbie promotion. Similar to mine i posted earlier . 

So in your opinion you think these signed booklets are real? 

Absolutely !! 100 percent . I obviously dont consider myself an expert but these are the nicest i think shes done . Yes she normally signs parton below the dolly but if she did this here it would nearly be on the face . I think me and you have the only two authentic ones here on this discussion . Very good find ot indeed !! Well done !! 

That’s great news! I got mine for $60 from a seller on Mercari! They swore it was real, and now thanks to you I believe them!

Good price too !  I think i paid around 80 or 90 pounds thats about 110 dollars from a seller a year after that came out ! Like i said earlier today i doubt ill ever own another authentic one after all this crap has come to light lol ! 


She can admit it - Not likely to happen.

She can say it's not true - Not likely to go near the subject.

I would think the comments will be "moderated"...

I would expect some "candid" images of her signing which will satisfy many/most.

She could say "I did not know" - but how credible is that? She has done this what - 3 times already? I don't see her going near the subject unless to fling more BS.

everyone should do this haha 


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