Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

UK buyers, remember 6.8% cash back with topcashback. Also £5 when you spend £30 and £10 when you spend £50 on WHSmith website with code: BEQUICK

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I can't speak for everyone but I bought this restock knowing it would most likely be autopen but decided to try anyway in case I was wrong, I passed on the Lana Del Rey Blue Banister ones because I expected fake and they ended up being real and pretty rare and valuable since they canceled most of them. I guess it's the FOMO I keep hearing about lol. but anyway mine showed up today and I haven't followed these closely since I didn't buy one on the first go-around but I'm expecting bad news on this


Yeah autopen.

100% autopen sadly

Yeah, that's what I figured, it's a good thing I seem to be sticking to not buying anything else because adding Waterstones to the list of companies that I no longer trust and won't buy from means I'm running out of places to buy from anyway. just my opinion but it really feels like this hobby has been ruined in just the last few years. I used to think eBay had the fakes and buying direct was the way to get authentic but now everyone is pushing fakes, and getting caught doesn't even phase them. they just deny it and keep firing up the autopen machine. has anyone who bought one of these from the last restock written them or tried to get a refund?  just wondering if I should even waste my time trying to fight it or just accept it as a loss.

I think they usually do refunds so you should probably contact them 

I plan on writing them as soon as I receive mine. It still hasn't arrived. Maybe stuck in customs. Im probably not going to bother with a refund if they offer it. Its proven they will just resell these to unsuspecting fans. Id rather give them away or sell on ebay stating these are autopen everywhere on the listing. They still do have a collectable aspect to them. No matter what I decide, im going to give waterstones a piece of my mind. Its something we all need to do for the sake of this hobby to protect others in the future. Even if we are planning to leave this hobby now. If autopens become rampant without being able to detect them, it could eventually kill this hobby. Its probably best to stop buying newly released items. I can see 20 years from now, a possible situation where collectors only go after autographs prior to 2024 or whenever autopens became completely undetectable. 

I can see advancements happening where autopens have random variations, much more so than dolly, with varying pen pressures and speeds. There will come a time very soon where these exist. Im actually surprised they arnt available already. Autopens could single handedly create a 90s sports card scenario all over again in autograph form. We both were worried about this slowly happening already. I can totally see this advancing in the near future where it gets completely out of control. Its best to just get out asap but the addiction is still strong with me

yeah, I've been thinking for a while now that if the technology to make them undetectable doesn't already exist then it would soon. it doesn't even seem that hard to do and I was even wondering if maybe Taylor wasn't using something new since she's selling them at 60,000 + at a time, I'm sure they could program the machines, and even if they had someone sign a couple thousand of them and then program the machine to use each different signature sequentially then there would be very little chance of them getting caught, and they would never have to actually sign anything by hand again unless it was in person. whoever recently pointed out all of the frustrations with the hobby these days actually helped me with the addiction, I may still buy something but only if it's something I really want which won't be often. I think I might have finally broken the addiction but still haven't gotten out of the habit of searching for them yet so I will probably still post if I see something good lol.  

Taylor is on a mission. She won't sacrifice her own brand over fake signatures.. at least if she's smart. She's kind of stuck now since her fans expect it from her. You never know though..

I think there are a few on here ive read voicing their frustrations. I was one of them and im sure many collectors feel the same way even if they arnt as vocal about it. As quickly as this hobby exploded, autopens could end up being the pin that bursts the bubble

So I have emailed Waterstones 3 times since I received my autopen 9 days ago and they have not responded to any of them, I was looking into opening a Paypal case and noticed that the payment is still showing pending even though I received it long ago. I'm wondering if I should just let it go since they haven't sent the payment through but I'm wondering if they may just be waiting for the time to file a claim to run out before submitting it. seems unusual that they shipped it without payment though. Is anyone else had any trouble getting them to respond? 

Waterstones is usually good at responding and giving refunds. Try the live chat on their website when it’s available and/or try this link

thanks, and yeah I thought it was unusual for them to ignore 3 straight messages, but figured maybe they were tired of answering questions about these Dolly fakes since I think I read on here that they are still claiming they are real. yet another company I was previously high on that I'm done with now. at this point i believe Newbury is the only company left that will admit to autopens and offer no-hassle refunds. I just don't understand how any of them think that lying to their customers on something so obvious can be good for their business.   



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