I got my hand on the 10k graph trump was boasting about recently when he visited louisiana. google it and you will see the video . looking to trade or sell if anyone is interested. let me know thanks 

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auto pen doesn’t have the back of the paper marks at the pressure points 

This is not accurate. An Autopen is a machine that has an armature that holds a pen or marker. It could have bleed through like any hand-signed signature. In fact, it's likely to have more bleed through because it does not typically move as quickly as a real hand signing. 


It doesn't have a live look.

I agree with Steve Z. Highly unlikely that he signed his full signature at an event like this.  for the past few years, he has been signing with his last name scribbled.  This is likely autopen.

This would have interest if it is authentic. Perhaps more so if it can be directly tied to that specific occurrence. Providence, providence, providence. It's all in the details and something worries me when an autograph goes from a 10K(ridiculous) asking price to $300. IMHO.

Exactly. Part of what I was getting at is that if there is no real providence - and the autograph in question is not featured in the famous video clip where the comment was made (and it is not, IMO) - than can it really be advertised as the famous 10K autograph from Louisiana? No, it cannot. Regardless if it is authentic or not. Trump signs two autographs in the video and makes the 10K comment twice. There are things said in the video that seem to suggest he only signed those 2 autographs at the time the comment was made. IF he did sign more autographs, it still wouldnt make this one THE famous event signature. A story is a story. Providence helps us determine if the story holds water. 

With providence, you may have good provenance. ;-)

Touche, Steve! My bad.

Coffee, stat!

Good one Steve :)

we will see what jsa says because i think you have the auto pen thing wrong here. i’ve seen auto pens before and it doesn’t look like one. 



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