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Link doesn't work.  

Three Duane letters just sold at Bonham's auction house for alot of $$$

Gotta be super rare... He was so young when he passed

yeah, i got one, may have overpaid but it is sweet. Having problem attaching bonhams file, but will do so when i get it from England.

Do you own the Allman letter with reference to the Montreux festival, that is on RR auctions right now? Have sent you a friend request for direct contact...

here is  my duane letter to polly. Hopefully this works

looks like this came from same Bonhams London auction I got mine at (there were three to polly).  Someone is either trying to flip it of it didn't sell in london..  Be interesting to see how US market takes to it.

i have a duane signed contract .i went thru tons to find a real one that he actually signed

Here is lot 124 -- sold for $2636. Two page signed letter

this is the duane allman letter up for sale at rr

a tidy profit there

Maybe not.  Sold in London for around $2500. Might have cost $1500 or more for shipping and the various shipping and export fee costs. With sellers commission the profit might be thin

a Uk buyer flipping to RR would have made around $1000 all in - it beats working ,its a nice letter though and I think a good price even at $6000 with fees I dont think we will see any kind of Duane letters again I missed the Bonhams sale the guys who got one did well the content is great   




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