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Elton John is beating Duran Duran in the UK midweek album sales. I think this must have been what prompted Duran Duran to start selling vinyl copies with single individual signatures on them, at £28+pp per band member. That’s quite a price to pay for all 7 members – i.e. Simon, Nick, Roger and the four Johns.

So I got mine today! First of all, it's the second Newbury shipment that doesn't get stopped in custom.

The Second good news is that the signed Print Art is 12x12, although it was outside the LP, the packaging was really impressive!

Even heard half of the album, so far, so good...  Shame there is not DLC.

here is the signed card (at least not just an S from Simon)

I thought only some of the deluxe CD and vinyl are signed, but seems like some copies of standard CD also came with a signed art card.

Any idea of those signatures are legit?

I know that Newbury comics had both the standard and deluxe editions with the signed art cards for quite a while until the cheaper ones sold out. I'm no expert with authenticity but I'm pretty sure they are not autopen, and I haven't heard anyone question these.  

The only question was around John Taylor's signature - the John sig in the second image seems like his usual style but there were many examples of 'John' on these signed cards.



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