DURAN DURAN Future Past Deluxe CD or Vinyl With Autographed Art Card

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967 left on the CD and 962 on the Vinyl when I checked

713 left

Somehow my order from Amazon UK to the US is cheaper than ordering it from here. I'm surprised they are charging so much. Usually they are pretty good with their prices.

I agree, already spent on both Taylor and Tori this morning so gonna pass on this at that price as much as I'd like to have it

Yes, same here.


Not sure what the difference is but I noticed that it was originally listed as an autographed art card and now they changed it to autographed art replica

Funny, on the CD it says: "Future Past Deluxe CD With Autographed Art Replica"

and on the LP it says: "Future Past LP (Color) With Autographed Art Print"

I have ordered the LP as it is not a replica, and should be an actual Art print which is autographed (plus I prefer LP) , but to make sure I also sent an email to their customer service. (there is still a month till release date).

This was a very bad day for my wallet... Tori and now Duran, so I'm happy I did not order Taylor.

The CD comes with a 5 x 5 and the vinyl a 12 x 12. That's the difference.

Ask CS and got the following answer:

"Yes, this signed promotion is hand signed. All of our promotional autographed items are hand signed and acquired either directly from the artists or from their record label."

432 left

I got my tracking for my vinyl. I looked to see if anybody posted any on eBay yet...and yep the look like shyt!



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