DURAN DURAN Future Past Deluxe CD or Vinyl With Autographed Art Card

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These have no demand whatsoever (for some reason) they are all over eBay as well. I wonder the quality of the songs, are they any good? 

It's a great record, but they've signed so many prints and slicks etc that the fans who want them have got them and if you're a flipper, good luck there!

Yeah, I got confused for a second because I scrolled down and saw that the $27.99 ones were still there as well, then figured out those are the deluxe Cds and these $17.99 ones are the standard CDs

You are right, I missed the deluxe cds. 112 of them.. I ordered months ago overseas, didn't think newburycomics would get these.. I would never have thought newbury would have a hard time selling these at this point. 

I think its a matter of pricing.  If an artist decides to charge more for signed copies they will get the money from die hard fans, but they won't get the number of sales.  If they keep the CDs are suggested retail they'll get a lot more numbers in sales (and therefore higher chart position.)  More and more artists are charging a premium for signed copies, hoping to get the initial rush of dollars from fans.  We've seen this lately with Tori Amos and Kristin Chenoweth releases that show up for $30-$35, but later show up on their websites or places like TalkShop.live for $15.  Add to that the proliferation in the market of signed CDs.  This is great for collectors, but at some point the market becomes saturated.  We see this in the declining prices for signed items on sites such as eBay.  Supply does indeed lower the prices that are paid on the secondary market, and will discourage some of the re-sellers who gouge (hopefully).

And of course, there is relevance.  I'm not sure what Duran Duran adds to the music scene of today.  They were great in their day, but this album just seems like an afterthought.

It's anything but an afterthought! The album is one of the best things they've done, and believe me, I wasn't expecting to say that!



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